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When are the Best Times to Send Flowers?

Giving or sending flowers during special occasions or events is timeless. It is one of the kinds of gift that everyone love and appreciate. Senders of flowers can also give flowers to send a message to the recipient, which is why it is also a popular choice of gift to give. If you are planning to send flowers, below are the best times to do it.

Anniversary Whether you have a big surprise for your spouse or you just want to have simple celebration, you can still give bouquet of flowers as a gift. It might be a simple gesture and expected but it doesn’t mean that your loved one wouldn’t appreciate it. Find an online flower shop and order a bouquet with your wife’s favourite flowers. You can either surprise her by availing SG flower delivery or you can give it yourself during your romantic dinner. No matter how long you’ve been together, giving flowers and gifts during special occasions such as anniversary will surely make the love last longer. Birthday One of the best gifts to give during someone’s birthday is a bouquet of flowers. You can give it to the celebrant even if your relationship with the person is platonic. Avail cheap online flower delivery in Singapore to send your friend, relative, or loved one your gift. Aside from giving gifts, you can also add balloons or wine that she can enjoy for the rest of the day. Just be careful of what kind of flowers to give because your friend when you give her flowers with romantic meanings. Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is probably the day when many people are buying flowers. It is one of the reasons why you should order flowers as soon as possible. Bouquets can be expensive during this occasion but you can still save money if you find a shop that offers flower delivery in Singapore that is cheap. You can also just buy flowers few days before or after the Valentine’s Day because it will be more convenient. ​ Mother’s day No matter how old you are you must still show gratitude and appreciation to your mother. Send or give her a bouquet with her favourite flowers to express your love and your way of saying ‘thank you’ for all the things she’s done for you. You can also send flowers to other mothers that you know or even to people whom you just treat as a mom. Romantic date Most men are contemplating whether they should give flowers during dates. The answer behind this is up to you and your date’s preference. Some women find receiving flowers during the first date to be creepy while some will surely appreciate it. You can ask your date first or find out what she thinks about receiving flowers. Just be careful in choosing the type of flowers to give because you wouldn’t want to scare her away. Congratulate Whether it is someone’s graduation, promotion to work, or a new baby, you can show your friend, loved one, or family member that you are proud of what she achieved. There is nothing wrong with giving flowers to congratulate someone just make sure that the type of flower that you’ll give is appropriate for the message you wanted to give. You wouldn’t want to just congratulate someone and she thought you’re confessing your love for her.

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