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Variants of Back and Neck Pains

It may be more serious than it sounds. Back pain is a regular discomfort that most people experiences. It is in fact too common that it is easy to ignore it. But even minor back pain can have serious repercussions or may be signs of something more serious.

Back pain is the leading cause of mobility in old age. Even for younger individuals, back pain often prevent people from preforming simple routines. It limits a person’s motor skills and at times prevent them from performing not just regular activities including exercises that should otherwise be healthy. People experiencing back pain are generally discouraged from lifting heavy weights and strenuous activities but they are also discouraged from running, jogging or participating in sports which are important exercises. This means back pain can ultimately affect even a healthy lifestyle. And then too, back pain are often caused but can also result to bad posture problems. Since people experiencing back pain often slouch or move unnaturally, this may result to worse conditions if not quickly remedied. There are even cases of night time back pain in Singapore, which are recurring discomforts that happen only at night and prevent people from getting proper sleep and rest and therefore result to general poor health condition.

Those who suffer back pain feel different kinds of sensations. Often they feel recurring aching or stiffness along your spine, sharp, localized pain in the neck, upper back, or lower back, chronic ache in the middle or lower back, especially after sitting or standing for extended periods, sudden pain that radiates from the low back to the buttock, down the back of the thigh, and into the calf and toes, inability to stand straight without having pain or muscle spasms anywhere in the back area.

In Singapore, majority of cases of back pain and other discomforts are self-inflected and caused by extreme physical exertion such as lifting very heavy objects or bending and crouching excessively or other bad habits. In some cases, they are caused by accidents such as falling, getting the back hit, muscle strains and sports-related injuries.

Other cases of back pain can be indications of something else. Upper back pain can be a tell-tale sign of an impending heart attack or a more serious life-threatening heart condition. Pain in left or right sides of the back can be symptoms of kidney, liver disorder or urinary tract infection (UTI). There are other special cases of back pain in Singapore that indicate a serious spine problems.

Many cases of neck strain, referred to as whiplash in Singapore, has been found to be associated with back pain and spine disorders. Although whiplash generally affects the head and upper body, back pain can often radiate to upper portions of the spine and result to sensations in the neck area. Likewise, the causes, symptoms and cure for back pain and whiplash in Singapore are generally the same.

For both back pain and whiplash, taking pain killers can help relieve discomfort but is generally discouraged in Singapore since this is a temporary solution and often results undiagnosed cases which further results to worsening condition and permanent disability.

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