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How to Rock Your School Dance and Family Reunion Without Worrying About Acne

Hitting puberty is such a hassle. It is like being pregnant. You will be riding on an emotional rollercoaster trying to find your place in society. Apart from high school politics and going through an identity crisis, pimples and whiteheads will be the unwanted tenants staying in your face. The worst part is the school dance is closing in and you need to look good. Not only are you worrying about the school dance, but the holidays are also there and you will be meeting most of your relatives by then.

The best way to handle your problems and remove the unwanted tenants staying in your face is by talking to your mom about it. She will most probably take you to a dermatologist since he will surely know what is the best thing to do. He will study your face first and hear your problems. After thoroughly understanding your face’s composition, he will give you his assessment and tell you your options for acne scar treatment. Now, do not be afraid and hear what he has to say. After this, talk to your mom. Going through an acne scar laser treatment in Singapore is no joke, but do not worry there are a lot of certified doctors in Singapore who will surely make sure your face is as smooth as Snow White’s.

Deciding on doing this will also be beneficial to your health. You want to be better and there is no harm in doing that. Also, this is the time of your life where you are exploring uncharted territories like how to properly handle acne, how to put on make-up, and how to choose the right clothes. So, do not be afraid to make mistakes if something goes wrong or does not work out. That is what puberty is all about – understanding yourself. Therefore, if you did not like the previous acne treatment, you can still try other methods. Singapore has a lot to offer in dermatology and they are very well-known for their health and beauty services. Explore and experience different things so that you will know what suits you best.

After overcoming your acne problem, enjoy your school dance without worrying about judgemental looks and mean criticisms. Go shopping and enjoy choosing your dress and shoes that will certainly make other girls jealous. Search the net for make-up tricks or ask your mom to help you out in that area. I am sure she would be more than willing to help. She may even be more excited than you are except for your dad who will be scaring away any possible dance partners since her little girl is not so little anymore.

As for the holidays, this time, you will be rocking those Instagram photos and Facebook posts and reduce those embarrassing pictures. Your cousins will be more than delighted to take those shameful pictures of you, but do not get disheartened so much. They are after all family and what is family for if not for inside jokes and secrets? Have fun during the holidays and most importantly just be yourself.

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