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How to Treat Foot Problems like Bunions and Callus

Having foot problems is never easy. You might suffer from chronic pain on your heels, itchy feet, foul odor, corns and calluses - whatever that foot problem is, they are not so easy to get rid of. Some people may recommend you some methods of how you can get rid of the problem, but most of them are probably not going to work. Fret not, most foot problems can be resolved by properly taking care of your foot. Of course, it would still depend on the kind of problem that you are experiencing.

You may be reading this article because you are actually having problems with your foot and you may not exactly know what it is, but you are certain that it causes you discomfort or pain that makes you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Well, fret not, because here are the common foot problems and how you can resolve them:

Bunions - This may not sound familiar to you, but it is basically a deformity of the large toe. This condition will make your large toe lean on to the next one to it and its joint may swell a lot larger than its normal size. This is normally caused by wearing tight shoes especially in the toe area. Bunion treatment here in Singapore is widely available in many podiatry clinics as it is a common foot problem. You can consult a podiatrist about what medication you can take to reduce the swelling. As for what you can do, you must wear less tight shoes. Applying ice on it can also help with the soreness and inflammation.

Plantar Fasciitis - This is a condition where pain can be felt in the arch of the foot or in the heels. The band of tissue that connects your toe to your heel bones are usually inflamed in this case. The feeling is normally described the same as bruising. It can be caused by an injury, being overweight, standing for long period of time, or even when you are walking barefooted a lot. There are also clinics that provide plantar fasciitis treatment here in Singapore. Most of the treatment includes using heel cushions, medication to help with the inflammation, as well as avoiding walking barefooted. Surgery can also be done if it gets worse and the usual time for the recovery is around ten weeks.

Callus and corns - You can describe these as a dark thickened skin and can normally be found on the toes or other bony areas of the feet. This is usually caused by repeated friction. They are usually not painful but it can still cause pain if you are wearing shoes or when walking. The most common reason why they build up is not wearing the right fitting shoes. The beast way to treat callus is the same way how you can avoid them; properly moisturize the skin of your feet while making sure that you are not using footwear that is too tight for your foot.

These are just some common foot problems that a lot of people experience. Some of you may be experiencing something else but if it is something that you cannot really bear with or it really affects the way you walk, then it will be best to consult a podiatrist.

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